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Gary Anderson is a senior staff writer at Teamwork Technologies (P) Ltd. He is specialized in writing exclusive, well-researched, informative, original, and high quality niche articles, special reports, guides and eBooks on multiple topics.

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Navigation Tips for Safe Sailing, Cruising and Safety at Sea

Sailing and Safe Navigation – Before sailing on your yacht or boat, learn and remain aware of all safe navigational charts and aids. With the help of technology, it is possible to provide electronic surveillance and navigational support.

How to Live off the Ocean during Your Sailing and Cruising

Living off the Ocean during Sailing and Cruising – Cruising offers excellent opportunity to explore and look across the sea. The yacht is your home for the length of your voyage. You should take proper care on board whether traveling alone or on a chartered yacht.

Making Your Cruising Enjoyable and an Exhilarating Experience

Tips for Making Your Cruising Enjoyable and Memorable – Cruising on your yacht is no doubt an exhilarating experience. Yet, you should remain prepared while cruising to make it memorable. If you are to navigate your yacht, enroll for a course well in advance.

How to Charter a Luxury Cruising Yacht for a Trip or Holiday

Yachting is a wonderful experience. You can plan your family holiday on a traditional cruise or charter a private luxury cruiser. Hiring a private luxury cruiser is a better idea. Chartering a luxury cruising yacht requires dwelling on many important aspects.

Choosing and Buying the Right Yacht for Your Comfort and Safety

Learn how to choose and buy a sailboat for safe sailing and ease. Purchasing your own sailing yacht is a major decision. You have to take a calculated decision considering numerous factors. Take your time to evaluate all options before your buy a yacht.

Sailing Directions – Understanding Points of Sails

Sailing Directions – Points of sail are specific terms that explain direction of a sailing boat with reference to its angle to the wind. Each point of sail exhibits tailored characteristics. A thorough knowledge of every point of sail is essential when learning to sail.

Boating Knots – Tying Sailing Knots and Handling Ropes

How to Tie Boating Knots – Rope is one of the essential equipment of a boat. Before setting sail, you should be familiar with handling ropes and tying sailing knots. The running end of a rope is used in making a knot. Bight is a bend in rope between two ends.

Sailboat Cruising – Different Types of Sails and Layouts

Types of Sails and Layouts – Sails are of different types and layouts. Sails could be triangular sails, quadrilateral fore-and-aft sails, square sails, and modern sails. Triangular sails have three corners or points. A square sail is similar to a quadrilateral rigged sail.

Maneuvering, Docking, Mooring, and Anchoring Your Sailing Boat

How to Maneuver, Dock, Moor, and Anchor Your Sailing Boat – Maneuvering a boat requires deft skill, tactic, technique, and persistence. Docking is an important and essential technique to master while sailing. Anchoring is a main aspect of sailing.

Basic Sailing Techniques – Learning How to Sail a Sailboat

Learn these simple sailing techniques to maneuver your boat through the waters. Steering a sailboat or changing its direction is largely dependent on wind direction. Follow simple sailing techniques to maneuver your boat through the waters skillfully.

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