Guide to Sailing and Ocean Cruising in a Medium Sized Yacht

The Complete Reference Guide to Sailing and Ocean Cruising in a Medium Sized Yacht

New York (USA), September 02, 2017

All the Tips, Techniques, and Strategies for the Beginners to Enjoy Their Cruise

~ Table of Contents ~

Part-I: Introduction

1. Sailing and Ocean Cruising – A Brief History of Sailing
Sailing and Ocean Cruising as an Adventurous Sport and Hobby – A Brief History

Part-II: Understanding Sailing and Ocean Cruising

2. Cruising Boats – The Different Types of Sailing Yacht
Sailing Boat Types – The Different Categories of Sailing Yacht

3. Ocean Cruising – The Physics of Sailing
Sailing Faster Than the Wind – The Physics of Sailing Explained

4. Sailing Glossary – The Basic Sailing Terms that You Should Know
Glossary of Sailing Terms – The Terminology of Sailing and Maritime Explained

Part-III: Planning Your Trip

5. Sea Voyage Planning – Preparing for Your First Trip
Planning for Your Sea Voyage – How to Prepare for Your First Trip at Sea

6. Sailing Budget and Finance – Budget and Financial Planning
Budget and Finance Planning – Sailing Budget and Finance for Your Sea Voyage

7. Planning Your Route – How to Plan Your Sailing Route
Planning Your Journey – How to Plan Your Sea Route Before Embarking on a Voyage

8. Emergency Survival Sailing Kit – Yacht’s First Aid Medical Kit
Yacht’s First Aid Medical Kit – Necessity of an Emergency Survival Kit and Its Essential Contents

9. Sailing Gear – On Board Spares, Equipment, and Tools
Sailing Equipment – Why It Is Prudent to Have Essential Tools and Gear On Board

10. Sailing – Electrical, Communication, and Navigation Systems
Modern-Day Cruising and Electrical, Communication, and Navigation Systems for Easy Navigation

11. Sailing Travel Insurance – Getting Coastal and Offshore Insurance
Coastal and Offshore Yacht Insurance – Necessity of Coastal and Offshore Sailing Insurance

12. Cruise Itinerary – How to Plan and Visit the Interesting Places
Planning Your Cruise Itinerary and Visiting the Interesting Places on the Way

Part-IV: Sailing Instructions

13. Basic Sailing Knowledge – Learning the Essentials of Sailing
Getting Started – Basic Sailing Knowledge is Must for Smooth Cruising Experience

14. Basic Sailing Techniques – Learning How to Sail a Sailboat
How to Sail a Sailboat – Simple Sailing Techniques to Maneuver Your Boat Through the Waters

15. Maneuvering, Docking, Mooring, and Anchoring Your Sailing Boat
Sailing Instructions – How to Maneuver, Dock, Moor, and Anchor Your Sailing Boat

16. Sailboat Cruising – Different Types of Sails and Layouts
Sails and Layouts – Triangular Sails, Quadrilateral Fore-and-Aft Sails, Square Sails, and Modern Sails

17. Boating Knots – Tying Sailing Knots and Handling Ropes
Sailing Knots – Learning How to Tie Boating Knots

18. Sailing Directions – Understanding Points of Sails
Knowing Sailing Directions – Why Points of Sails is Essential When Learning to Sail

Part-V: Safe Cruising and Safety at Sea

19. Choosing and Buying the Right Yacht for Your Comfort and Safety
How to Select and Purchase a Suitable Sailboat for the Safe Sailing and Ease

20. How to Charter a Luxury Cruising Yacht for a Trip or Holiday
Chartering a Luxury Cruising Yacht for a Short Trip or Family Holiday

21. Making Your Cruising Enjoyable and an Exhilarating Experience
How to Make Your Cruising an Enjoyable, Memorable, and Exciting Experience

22. How to Live off the Ocean during Your Sailing and Cruising
Important Considerations for Living off the Ocean during Your Sailing and Cruising

23. Navigation Tips for Safe Sailing, Cruising and Safety at Sea
Safe Cruising and Safety at Sea – Sailing and Safe Navigation

24. Navigation Safety Regulations – Safety and Rules at the Sea
Safety on the Sea – Navigation Safety Regulations and Rules at the Sea

25. Marine Meteorology and Sailing – Weather and Atmosphere at Sea
Marine Meteorology – Weather Forecasts and Atmospheric Conditions at Sea Level

26. Understanding the Sea Weather Forecasting for Safe Sailing
How to Gather and Understand Sea Weather Forecasts before Setting Sail

27. Understanding Stages of Tide – Learning to Read Tidal Flows
Tides and Sailing – How to Read Tidal Flows and Stages of a Tide

28. Maintaining Contact While at the Sea – Communication Systems
Communications While at the Sea – Maintaining Contact with the Land

29. Necessary Tips for Sailing Safely and Survival at the Sea
Sailing and Cruising Expedition – Tips for Safety and Survival at the Sea

Part-VI: Comfort and Health Issues

30. Seasickness – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, and Medications
Seasickness – Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis, Prevention, Treatment, and Remedies

31. The Sailor’s Disease – How to Prevent Skin Cancer
How to Prevent Skin Cancer While Cruising on a Sailing Yacht

Part-VII: Good Seamanship

32.Maintenance Schedule and Work – Yacht Maintenance and Repair
Yacht Maintenance Schedule – How to Do Maintenance Work and Repair Damages

33. The Sailing Boat Checklist for a Safe Cruise Shore Excursion
The Complete Sailboat Checklist for a Safe Sailing and Great Cruising Experience

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