How to Charter a Luxury Cruising Yacht for a Trip or Holiday

Chartering a Luxury Cruising Yacht for a Short Trip or Family Holiday

New York (USA), September 02, 2017

Yachting is a wonderful experience. However, it may not be for everyone, and what may at first seem like an ideal romantic escapade, could turn into disaster if people are not prepared or have never sailed before and do not know what to expect. To charter a yacht for a short trip or holiday could be an appropriate introduction to the world of sailing and will help you and your family really decide if owning a yacht is going to be a the fabulous investment and lifestyle you dream about. Chartering a luxury cruising yacht requires dwelling on many important aspects. Prepare and analyze all facts before chartering.

Chartering a Luxury Cruising Yacht

You can plan your family holiday on a traditional cruise or charter a private luxury cruiser. Planned traditional cruises do not offer exclusive privacy. Hiring a private luxury cruiser is a better idea. Chartering involves many facets like:


Search for a reliable and established company that charter luxury yachts. Plan your destination in advance to approach relevant companies. Although private yachts are available for travel across the world, some companies charter luxury yachts on specific sectors only. Have a choice of few destinations to get the best offer on luxury cruiser chartering. Search the Internet for suitable luxury cruiser chartering companies. You can ask your friends, colleagues, neighbors, or relatives who have chartered luxury cruisers before. Visit recommended web sites or charter companies to collect all details.


Even if you are unable to find anyone who has chartered a luxury cruiser before, do not fret. Numerous online message boards and forums offer details on chartering luxury yachts. Register at these message boards if registration is free. Alternatively, post your queries and you will receive many responses. Scan through to get essential information.

Choice of Luxury Cruising Yacht

When choosing your luxury cruising yacht, bring together all your requirements so that you can make a calculated choice. Size is a major determinant. Your cruise should be able to accommodate all members comfortably. If proceeding on a special cruise, choose such that you can translate the entire experience in a lifetime memorable one.


Decide on your budget right at the onset. Often, while looking for private luxury cruisers, you end up choosing the most extravagant one. It should however fit within your budget. Chartering companies quote exorbitant amounts for large cruisers or for those in high demand. Companies also assign specific cruisers on designated routes only. Therefore, spell out your destination and route explicitly to get details of luxury cruisers that can ply on mentioned route. Affordability is of paramount importance as otherwise your entire cruising experience would be spoiled.


Coverage is necessary to remain prepared for unforeseen contingencies. Some luxury chartering companies check your sailing capabilities like whether you can rig jib’s sheets through fairleads, whether you can identify and attach main halyard to the top of the sail, whether you are familiar with the engine, batteries, and other major components of luxury cruiser, and similar others. Few companies would only check your financial capabilities, whether you can pay for damages. It is best to have total insurance coverage.

Crewed Sailing

If you do not have any experience of sailing a luxury cruiser, opt for crewed luxury cruisers. You avail services of fully qualified crew onboard. You can then enjoy your vacation without having to bother about any sailing procedures.

Practical Tips for a Luxury Yacht Charter

1. Decide on location well in advance. Wind and other seafaring conditions remain favorable in different parts of the world during certain periods of the year. Winters are the best time to visit the Caribbean islands while Mediterranean and New England destinations are ideal summer locations.

2. Plan your itinerary dates exactly so that chartering or sailing crew can advise you on further trips around your desired location. This will enhance your overall experience.

3. Seek a complete program itinerary, full menu on your vacation, and other small but important details to remain fully prepared and well equipped for your vacation adventure trip on the seas.

4. Chartering a luxury yacht is better than owning one. Chartering dissolves you of the responsibility of up keeping your yacht. You just sail to your location and return.

5. If you are sailing alone without any experienced crew, learn all essentials like yacht’s pivot point, turning radius, glide zone, maneuvering and docking the yacht, and remain familiar with size and type of yacht. Charter company staff provides all necessary guidelines.

6. Before setting off on your sea trip, conduct a thorough check of the luxury yacht. Look into all safety precautions and document of the every equipment onboard. Check water tanks and batteries.

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