Emergency Survival Sailing Kit – Yacht’s First Aid Medical Kit

Yacht’s First Aid Medical Kit – Necessity of an Emergency Survival Kit and Its Essential Contents

New York (USA), September 02, 2017

A medical aid kit is very essential in any sailing yacht. On small sailing vessels, at least one crewmember should have training in first aid. In larger vessels and on longer trips the captain must be trained and certified in first aid and other crewmembers can and should also be certified and trained in first aid (what it the captain is severely injured?). In many places, first aid certification is essential to obtain a sailing license.

First Aid Medical Kit

First aid kit is imperative irrespective of the size of your sailing vessel. However, size and contents of first aid kit differ according to distance you intend sailing and type of sailing. You should have a recent and updated first aid manual. You should be familiar with all contents of the manual. Always check all contents of your first aid kit before you set sail. Replenish any stocks that might have been used. Keep a checklist ready for restocking. While cruising you are miles away from medical help. Hence, you should be ready to treat injuries and ailments.

Essential Contents

Stock bandages in different sizes and shapes. Triangular bandages support broken limbs. Have necessary tapes, pins, and clips for fixing these bandages.

Sterile Gauze Pads and Disposable Gloves
A wide variety of sterile gauze pads come in handy to treat different types of injuries. Have sufficient stock of disposable glove packages. Put them on before treating wounds. They protect you and prevent any contamination of wounds.

Medical aid kit should stock band-aids in different sizes and shapes. Have sufficient stocks of band-aid packages.

Scissors, Tweezers and Forceps
Scissors are necessary to cut tapes and bandages. Forceps and tweezers help clean wounds of any dirt or similar small particles.

Sterile Wipes and Antiseptic Lotions
Sterile wipes help in cleaning wounds. These wipes should be dipped in antiseptic lotions and used on wounds to prevent any infections.

Pain Medications
Stock a few simple and common over-the-counter pain medications. These rarely cause any side effects or counter react with other medications.

Eye Medications
Eye infections and allergies are common while sailing. A first aid of simple saline wash can prevent any serious damage to eyes.

Stock all contents in separate bags and enclosures to prevent any mixing up or scattering of contents. Pack all contents compactly. You can accommodate more even in limited space. You should stock medical books and equipments to diagnose and administer proper medical aid in emergencies. Onboard radios also prove extremely helpful in handling and treating and complicated medical injuries or problems.

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