Sailing – Electrical, Communication, and Navigation Systems

Modern-Day Cruising and Electrical, Communication, and Navigation Systems for Easy Navigation

New York (USA), September 02, 2017

You can enjoy a smooth cruise if you have proper electrical, navigational, and communication systems in place.

Electrical System

Modern-day cruising involves many electrical equipment and appliances on board like lights, refrigerators, communication equipment, and others. Most cruises and sailboats generate power from their inboard engines. Some carry inverters and auxiliary generators to support power requirements. These require sufficient fuel to generate power. It may not be possible to carry so much fuel. Hence, sailboats and yachts have ancillary generating devices like towed turbines, solar panels, and wind turbines.

Communication Systems

Maintain proper communication with others while cruising through communication systems like:

VHF Radios
These are popular as marine band radios. These provide two-way voice communication with other boats and yachts sailing at sea. Radios have varied capabilities of communication and range of accessibility depending on the radio antenna. Some use amateur radios.

Satellite Phones
Most yachts and sailboats have such phones to get accurate information about weather and location. However, these phones are expensive.

This is Emergency Position Indicating Radio Beacons. This sends out distress signals automatically in case of an emergency. It functions effectively even if you are far out at sea and out of range of VHF marine radios.

Mobile Phones
These provide essential communication within specified range. They should remain fully charged to help easy communication.

Navigation Systems

Simple aids help in easy navigation. Paper charts and radar are very common. Modern yachts have electronic navigational charting systems linked to GPS satellites. GPS or Global Positioning Systems have electronic receivers to transmit signals from satellites to pinpoint your accurate location on the sea. This important navigational tool provides information about how far you are from the coast and how long it will take to reach your location. You can use Yeoman Plotter to study charts with GPS systems. Some yachts have automated sailing systems. DGPS or Different Geographical Positioning Systems provides additional details as it combines signals from satellites and coastguard beacons on land. Such systems have wider paraphernalia and require more space.

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