Sailing Gear – On Board Spares, Equipment, and Tools

Sailing Equipment – Why It Is Prudent to Have Essential Tools and Gear On Board

New York (USA), September 02, 2017

Proper tools of the correct size are extremely important while cruising on your yacht. The need for a tool can arise anytime and you should remain prepared for all kinds of eventualities. Before setting sail, inspect every part of your sailboat or yacht and list essential tools. Carry all of them aboard as any part of your yacht may require repairs while sailing and every tool remains indispensable.

You cannot go on a cruise carrying the regular tools or spares found in your house or in your car. The tools should be specific for your sailboat or yacht like plug wrenches, hex wrenches, feeler gauges, screwdrivers of different sizes, charging hose, tapping valves, digital multimeter, soldering tools, different types and categories of terminals, crimper, hydraulic jack, snap ring pliers, rivet gun, strap wrench for the spin-on oil filter, hammer, saw, joint pliers, and similar others .

Essential spares include handles, taps, screws, bolts, wires, electrical tools, pliers, and others. Check if all spares aboard your sailboat are of the required size. Every time you set sail, discard worn out spares and carry fresh and ready to use ones. It is essential to carry on board equipment and engine manuals. Repairing any part of your yacht or the equipments aboard is easier if you follow directions mentioned in manuals. Some yachts and sailboats have inverters. This facilitates use of power tools and repairing is simpler.

It is prudence to pack all essential tools and spares in a tool kit or box. However, the box should not be very heavy. Packing tools in smaller boxes or rolls is a good idea. Put proper markings on all tool containers so that you do not have to search or pull out many boxes when you need any specific tool. Most tools corrode due to atmospheric conditions. Check toolbox regularly and maintain all tools in perfect condition. This prevents tools from becoming useless and you remain assured of availability of proper tools when the need arises.

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