Adenomyosis – Home Remedies and Alternative Therapies

Home Remedies and Alternative Therapies for Adenomyosis

New York (USA), June 29, 2013

Adenomyosis: Home Remedies

Common home remedies for adenomyosis symptoms like pelvic pain and cramps include using a heating pad to reduce abdominal pain and taking pills like ibuprofen to control pain and discomfort. A warm bath also alleviates pain and discomfort largely.

Adenomyosis: Alternative Therapies

Specific herbs offer temporary relief from adenomyosis symptoms of heavy bleeding, menstrual cramps, and pain. These include:

Myomin: This is a Chinese herb that helps maintain proper hormonal balance by metabolizing estrogens and controlling estradiol at estrogen receptor cells. It also restricts aromatase. This enzyme is responsible for conversion of testosterone into estrogen. Myomin is very effective at controlling fibroids and cysts.

DIM: DIM is a combination of various cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage. This helps metabolize circulating estrogens like estradiol and estrone into estriol. This controls adenomyosis symptoms and shrinks fibroids.

Vitex: This is same as monk’s pepper or chaste berry. This herb is obtained from dried fruit of chaste tree. It contains compounds similar to progesterone and testosterone (human sex hormones). Hence this herb can restrict release of other hormones like progesterone, estrogen, and testosterone. If you have excessive uterine bleeding, this herb proves beneficial. However, do not use it if you are on oral contraceptives, lactating, or on treatment for breast cancer.

Shepherd’s Purse: This herb is typically for curing menstrual irregularities as it increases uterine contractions and thereby reduces menstrual bleeding. It compresses blood vessels and hence blood flow into pelvic region is controlled. This herb should not be used during pregnancy. Side effects are unclear.

KBG: This is a traditional Japanese herbal remedy for gynecological disorders. KBG refers to Keishi-bukuryo-gan. It is almost same as cinnamon mushroom tablet. Although this herb alleviates few symptoms of adenomyosis, it is not very clear if it is an effective remedy or not. Studies are still on to analyze its side effects and remedial effectiveness.

If these herbal remedies are not effective, you may have to undergo surgery.

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