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The Sailing Boat Checklist for a Safe Cruise Shore Excursion

The Complete Sailboat Checklist for a Safe Sailing and Great Cruising Experience – Before setting sail, check boat thoroughly to ensure a safe sailing experience. Have a printed checklist on board for easy compliance.

Maintenance Schedule and Work – Yacht Maintenance and Repair

Regular maintenance and repair is a very essential aspect for safe sailing on your yacht. All parts should be well maintained, oiled, and remain ready for use always. Maintenance work should be carried out on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual basis.

The Sailor’s Disease – How to Prevent Skin Cancer

Sailors are at a great risk of skin cancer due to excessive exposure to sun’s rays. The reflection of sun’s rays is consistent during overcast weather and clear sunshine. Skin cancer for this reason is also addressed as ‘The Sailor’s Disease’.

Seasickness – Causes, Symptoms, Prevention, and Medications

Seasickness is motion sickness that occurs onboard a sailing boat or ship. It is known as ‘mal de mer’ in French. It occurs due to rocking motion of the vessel on sea. easickness does not affect everyone. Some develop symptoms even with slightest motion.

Necessary Tips for Sailing Safely and Survival at the Sea

Sailing and Cruising Expedition – Tips for Safety on Board and Survival at the Sea – Sailing on vast expanses of water is a wonderful experience. While starting on your sailing expedition, you should be well equipped and aware of all essential safety norms.

Maintaining Contact While at the Sea – Communication Systems

Communications While at Sea – While you are at sea, you can maintain contact with land through different means of communication. These include VHF Radio, Satellite Phone, Single Sideband Radio, and Emergency Positioning Indicating Radio Beacon.

Understanding Stages of Tide – Learning to Read Tidal Flows

Tide is the daily rise and fall of ocean waters occurring at periodic intervals due to gravitational pull of sun and moon on the rotating earth. Tides occur twice each day. Tide could be high tide or low tide. Tides cause changes in depth of marine and estuarine water.

Understanding the Sea Weather Forecasting for Safe Sailing

It is very important to gather and understand weather forecasts before setting sail. You should collect information from different sources and analyze them to get a clear picture. You should not confine to a single forecast to decide whether to set sail.

Marine Meteorology and Sailing – Weather and Atmosphere at Sea

Marine Meteorology and Sailing – Marine meteorology is the study of marine atmosphere. This influences overall atmospheric conditions above and below oceans. Cyclonic and anti-cyclonic pressure systems at temperate latitudes change weather patterns.

Navigation Safety Regulations – Safety and Rules at the Sea

Navigation Safety Rules at the Sea – Rules of the sea differ for inland and international waters. Nautical charts clearly depict demarcation lines for change of inland and international rules. International rules apply from seaward side of demarcation lines.

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